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Southern Østfold, peak 6
(Skrevet av helen 05.04.2008)

Tur foretatt: April 2008.

One more peak before heading for home... Drove to Rakkestad and then along R.124. After a while there was a sign to Linnekleppen on the left and a parking place 100m further. Walked back to the sign and followed the path through the woods to the top (3,5km each direction). It is a well-marked path with a nature trail, but I got a bit bored reading the information posts after a while. Impressive constructions at the top. Lots of things saying about how this was (is?) the last manned fire-tower in Norway. A good view of rolling hillsides and forest from the top. I met a few other people on the trail and I get the feeling this is a popular local peak. Certainly it was a nice walk through the woods and it was long enough and had enough of a climb that it felt more of a proper peak than the other Østfold-peaks I have bagged these past two days.

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