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Southern Østfold, peak 3
(Skrevet av helen 05.04.2008)

Tur foretatt: April 2008.

I parked at the entrance to the shooting range, as described on other reports here. Walked up past the range, and headed off right to a path in the corner behind an old caravan. The path took me through the woods for a while and then I headed off across country as my GPS said I should. This is the first trip I have ever used a GPS on, and it has cured my scepticism. I would never have found this peak without it. With it - I got a bit lost at the top, without it - I'd probably still be there. I came out of the woods at a farm just south of the shooting range. NB to dog owners - there are chickens running loose on this farm. I discovered them a little too late. From the farm it was through the woods back to the range, and then back to the car. About 45 minutes in all.

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