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Above the fog.
(Skrevet av helen 15.10.2007)

Tur foretatt: Oktober 2007.

After a day spent sitting listening to lectures, it was good to get out in the fresh air. There was thick fog over the whole Oslofjord, so I set off from Tveiter gård not seeing more than 10m in front of me. Headed up to Tveiterseter and then took off to the right, round the edge of a military camp and back to the road. Then I took the first road to the right which led straight to Hagahogget. Hagahogget is not signposted, so check where you are going before starting off. At the top, the gate was open to the camp and I could go right up to the big ball-things. The main one said danger of radiation so Magnus got his picture taken quick before radiation poisoning set in. As we headed up to the camp we came just over the fog, so from the highest point, a short way down a trail from the camp, I looked into a sea of fog. It took about 1 hour each way, plus some time looking at the remains of the military camp at the top.

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