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Wet, scratched and dirty
(Skrevet av helen 22.08.2007)

Tur foretatt: August 2007.

I think I chose what was possibly the worst way up to the top here. I drove from Gjøvik direction, past Lia grocery store and then turned off towards Gilbergbygda. I parked by the sign for Ringsrudsæter and followed it up. It was extremely wet underfoot, crossing several marshes and overgrown. I decided to come here in a spontaneous post-work decision, so I had work clothes and shoes on - not so smart in the conditions. Rubber boots would have been ideal. There were side-trails crossing all the time and I headed off in the wrong direction several times. On the way back, I headed eastwards and then walked down the road back to the car, which was a much better way.
The one advantage of the route I took is that it crossed a fossil field, which is worth visiting. It took me 4 hours until I was back at the car again, but it really shouldn't have taken anywhere near that long if I'd taken the better path. I would recommend walking from Nordrum instead, or at the very least, start where the sign to Fossilfeltet is.

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