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"Peak" nr 3
(Skrevet av helen 16.12.2006)

Tur foretatt: Desember 2006.

I am not sure I was in the right place, because I couldn't see any of these appartment blocks others here have mentioned. And I asked some people I met at the top and they didn't know of any appartment blocks around either. None of them knew the name of the place we were at either. However, there were two water towers at the top and a lot of graffiti, so I am assuming I was at the right place until someone proves me wrong.

A short walk through the woods from the road from Ås to Ski. Magnus had to stay in the car as he is recovering from a serious case of bronchitis and was tired after Nesodden. It felt very odd to be going for a walk without him.

Plans for other district peaks had to be abandoned after Ås as the sun was already low in the sky, even though it was only 3pm.

Tilbake til Ås
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