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Icy afternoon
(Skrevet av helen 19.11.2006)

Tur foretatt: November 2006.

I drove down to Hurdal and then took the route 180 until the signpost for Fjellsjøkampen. This was an easy kommunetopp to find. There was hardly any snow in the forest, so it was easy to follow the path, until about the last 500m, which were more exposed. All the rocks seemed like they had been glazed in ice. It was incrediably slippy and took at least half an hour to negotiate. Even the dogs were having trouble staying upright.

On the way down Magnus did one of his more impressive feats. He slid at least three metres down a rock face, staying upright, and then walked off at the bottom like it was what he meant to do all along. There are some advantages in having a low centre of gravity...

As ever with the Totenåsen "peaks", there was thick cloud when I got to the top, and I saw nothing.

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