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In the mist...
(Skrevet av helen 22.10.2006)

Tur foretatt: Oktober 2006.

After non-stop rain, wind and low cloud for about a week, for once it wasn't pouring down, so I had to take the opportunity to go for a proper walk. Magnus agreed. I drove towards Minnesund on R33 and took off at Sandvika towards Feiring jernverk. After about ten minutes drive there is a sign pointing to Skreikampen on the right.

It was an easy path to follow, partially and somewhat irratically marked in yellow. After about an hour we got to the top. I am sure the view is marvellous. I was very interested to look at the other photos here, because I looked out into grey cloud when I was at the top. It looks worth a trip back on a better day though.

This time of year is the best time to be a dog, because there are no sheep grazing and you don't have to go on your lead. There is also huge potential for getting really, really muddy. Magnus and Ludwig were in their element.

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