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Rubber boots required
(Skrevet av helen 17.09.2006)

Tur foretatt: September 2006.

It was quite difficult to find Busvoldseter as it isn't signposted until the very end. So take note... if coming from Hamar, turn off R24 at Harasjøen (or something like that), take the first road on the left and follow it in direction Egerud, then follow the signposts to Gåsvassdalen for a long, long way, and just about when you are giving up hope, there is a sign for Busvoldseter.

The path to the top is marked in red. It goes past some interesting old farms and then crosses marsh after marsh. Rubber boots are an essential item on this walk. However the top with the little hut between the legs of the firetower is worth the squelch across the marsh. I liked the metal bird almost as much as the hut.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a blueberry connoisseur, and I always try out the local variant when out for a walk, and I think that the blueberries around Orrkjølen are the best I have ever tasted.

It was about 4 km each way from where I parked to the top and back. On another report here it said it was only 1.5km, so I took my puppy with me, which I would never have done had I known the real length... However, it was extra training for me carrying 10kg of puppy up and down the hill.

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