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I am sure it is nice on a sunny day...
(Skrevet av helen 27.05.2006)

Tur foretatt: Mai 2006.

I decided to walk up to Torseterkampen on one of the wettest days so far this spring. I took the route from Oksbakken parking place, instead of the usual route from Torseter, as I thought it might be less slippy. It was, but it involved squelching through bog for a couple of hours instead.

I thought the path marking was confusing, and it didn't seem to bare any relation to what was marked on my map, but using commonsense I arrived at the top in the end. I didn't actually make it to the mast as there was still a lot of snow there and it was too deep to wade through.

I am sure there is a great view from the top, but I saw nothing but thick cloud. However I am so convinced that there is a great view, that I will be back later in the summer to check it out.

It took about 2 hours up and 1 1/2 hours down. There was a couple of steep parts I had to scramble up, but otherwise it was an easy walk. I think I could have done it faster if it had been drier on the ground. It poured down the entire time and it was about 3 degrees. Next time I will choose my day better.

The highlight of the experience was finding a 200kr note on the ground that a skier must have dropped earlier in the year.

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