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Short walk on hot, sunny day
(Skrevet av helen 11.06.2006)

Tur foretatt: Juni 2006.

I was visiting a kennel in Elverum and stopped on the way home to take in Løten district's highest point. I drove via Budor to Gitvolseter and walked up the hill from there. There are a lot of paths from Gitvolseter and it isn't obvious which is the one to Gitvola, so look for the one marked in red which goes round the back of the fields, farthest up from the car parking space.

It is a short walk up a steep hill, about 30 minutes up and 20 minutes down. Not a very impressive summit: a postbox and not much of a view. It was the kind of summit that makes me think on the way down, "At least it gave the dog a walk..."

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